DearGovs Community Code

We are a global Community of Researchers, Volunteers, and Advocates working for an “Open, Trusted, and Non-manipulable Internet”, and we are glad that you have decided to be a part of this Community. We invite you to take some time to check out our Mission and Vision, and learn how best you can support and partner with us.

We engage our global Community across a range of popular online Platforms and Fora – including Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, and Google Groups. It is important to us that this Community is preserved as a free, inclusive, open, and interactive Zone; and we strive to keep it so, in order that its utility is neither truncated nor obscured by practices and activities that are inimical to these goals.

As such, we are glad to introduce our Community Code and Ethics, which are well-known and widely-applied, but no less critical to the growth and stability of the DearGovs global Community.

Thus, we would act swiftly to safeguard these ideals (including by removing from our online Platforms any member(s) who is / are in violation), in order to preserve the growth and utility of the Community. However, we are positive that you would ensure to comply and also support our commitment to grow a healthy and interactive global Community.

So, “thank you” in advance.

Community Engagement Rules

  • At all times, especially during comments and discussions, mutual respect and fairness should be upheld. “Live and let live” – initiate conversations and let others have a say. Refrain from attacks against opposing viewpoints and opinions, and treat all members equally and fairly.
  • Commercial messages and business advertisements of any sort are prohibited on the Community Platforms. Contact members directly with such information where it is necessary, but without invading their personal privacy.
  • Do not spam Community platforms with the repetition of a message(s). Please endeavor to read previous / unread messages to confirm that intended posts do not already exist on the Platform. Then post only relevant information.

Ethics of Discussion

  • It is strictly prohibited to post content or materials that are illegal, defamatory, derogatory, undermining, discriminatory, hostile, threatening, abusive or offensive in any form or manner.
  • Our community comprises people that differ on account of background, culture, race, social class, educational attainment, political belief, financial & economic status, intellectual capacity, religion, gender identity and expression, and sexual preference. On this account, all members are to be treated with respect and without extraneous biases towards their opinions and perspectives.
  • Members themselves are entirely responsible for content and communication that they post on Community Platforms. Thus, you want to be cognizant of the terms of copyright protection and usage (where applicable). Refrain from sharing content that is proprietary or copyright-protected without. Give credit to original owners of intellectual property.
  • It is courteous to warn members of relevant and lengthy messages by adding “Long Message” at the beginning of the message body.
  • While English is the primary language on Community Platforms and Forums, it is important to be respectful and mindful of the rich and diverse linguistic background that characterizes the Community Membership.
  • Because not everyone is a native English speaker or writer, it is necessary to post messages that are clear and concise so that others can respond appropriately. Typos and broken English are reasonably accepted. Also, kindly endeavor to provide further clarification and engagement on messages that you post, whenever clarification is being requested or questions emerge.
  • We value the protection of our Community Members against behaviors that are abusive and inappropriate. Should you be subject to or witness behaviors that violates our netiquette or is incompatible with the rules of civil coexistence, you can report them using the Feedback Form to the right of this Page.
Thank you for joining us...