The #DearGovernments Organization (DearGovs) is a Youth-led Intervention against the rising tides of regulatory impropriety by governments around the World that continue to apply the force of regulation and legislation in ways that threaten the sustainable growth and development of the Internet. These acts of impropriety have frequently been manifested in the form of Internet Shutdowns, Connection Throttling, Censorship of Speech and Content, Surveillance, Localization and Centralization of Internet data and transmissions  all of which are typically empowered or enabled by government regulations and legislation; and also threaten Internet Freedoms on the larger scale. By combining high-quality evidence-based Research with Youth-led advocacy Campaigns 'on the ground', we work to inspire governments around the World to act more responsibly and with better accountability in the execution of their roles and mandates as a critical Internet Stakeholder Group. Also providing consultancy services to such progressive governments that seek formidable pathways towards an Internet that is "Open, Trusted, and Non-Manipulable". 

A non-governmental, non-profit, civil society Organization that is coordinated and run entirely by Youth Volunteers from around the world, who have been trained and mentored by the Internet Society; and supported by individuals, organizations, initiatives, and agencies of government from across the global multi-stakeholder Internet Governance Community. DearGovs, through her Regulatory Observatory (Observatory on Regulations for a Better and Inclusive Internet [ORBIT]) undertakes evidence-based Research Projects in partnership with leading organizations and stakeholders from across the global Internet Governance ecosystem; and then drives the impact of her Research through collaborative Open Internet Advocacy with civil society groups and non-governmental organizations that work across various levels of the polity in countries that are the subject of completed or ongoing research. Keeping in perspective the goals of the global Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

In addition, we work to provide in six (6) World languages (English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese), reports, resources, training, and metrics for evaluating Internet Regulations around the World, and the standing of governments in alignment with the broader visions for a sustainable future of the Internet. With growing presence across six (6) World Regions: Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, North America, and Latin America & the Caribbean, DearGovs continues to apply and amplify the values and ideals of the multi-stakeholder model of governance in tackling the complex and growing challenges posed by government regulations that oppose the Internet Way of Networking and threaten the sustainable growth and development of the Internet, as well as the utilities that it continues to provide for everyday living.

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Our Mission: 

To promote an Open, Trusted, and Non-manipulable Internet.

Our Vision:

An open Internet by everyone, for everyone.

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