Monday, May 24, 2021

Webinar: Internet Impact Assessment of Nigeria’s proposed Social Media Bill...

Since December 2020, the Internet Society (ISOC), in collaboration with the #DearGovernments Organization (DearGovs) have collaborated on a multi-phased project that aims to assess the impact on the functioning of the global Internet and digital rights of certain Internet-related government regulations drawn from various countries. This Project is the product of a synergy between the Regulatory Observatory Division of DearGovs, and ISOC’s “Internet Way of Networking (IWN)” Action Plan for the Year 2020.

The first Tranche (Pilot Phase) of this Project (now completed) has been focused on Nigeria’s proposed Social Media Bill, 2019. Through a collaboration between DearGovs and ISOC-Nigeria, we are pleased to announce the First Public Webinar of this Project; which is being co-hosted to bring together Internet stakeholders from the Nigerian ecosystem to deliberate on the implications and recommendations of the Report of this Tranche of the Project.

Furthermore, a Policy Brief / Internet Impact Brief (IIB) that captures the crux of the Report and its recommendations, as well as inputs from selected stakeholders from the major communities (Technical, Regulatory, Civil Society, and Academia / Research), is being conceptualized as a deliverable of this Webinar. This Policy Brief is intended to serve as an advocacy tool for progressive engagements with Nigerian lawmakers and other stakeholders on the crucial matters that emanate from the proposed Bill.

The Schedule for the forthcoming Webinar is as follows:

Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Time: 12:00-1:300pm Nigeria Time (UTC+1)

Venue: Online (Zoom) - Register at

Please download the Draft Project Report here:

In case you missed attending the Event, click to catch up on the Webinar Agenda, and the Live Recording.

You can read the Final published Internet Impact Brief (IIB) here:

Perhaps, it is also remarkable to highlight that this Tranche of the Project was started and finished entirely remotely, leveraging various technologies, tools, and solutions for remote collaboration. Not one physical Meeting was held throughout the Course of this Project. Below is the Team that made this Project a success...

Research Project Team:

  1. Emmanuel C. OGU - Project Lead & Contributing Researcher
  2. Veronica PICCOLOContributing Researcher
  3. Sara El HAMDANIContributing Researcher
  4. Abigaël FRANCISQUEContributing Researcher
  5. Olalekan Moyosore LALUDEContributing Researcher
  6. Amarachi OKONKOHContributing Researcher
  7. Moriam O. SULAIMON - Project Admin
  8. James PAEK 

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