Friday, December 18, 2020

DearGovs Partners with ISOC's Internet Way of Networking Project


We are excited to partner with the Internet Society's (ISOC's) Internet Way of Networking (IWN) Project to apply the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit (IIAT) in evaluating Internet-related regulations by various governments across the World.

It is a multi-year Project that we expect to roll out across the six (6) Regions of our work, beginning in the first quarter of 2021. Guided by a pool of regulatory case studies drawn from various jurisdictions, our Observatory on Regulations for a Better and Inclusive Internet (ORBIT) would be undertaking Research in collaboration with our partners and associates "on the ground", to assess the extent to which government Internet-related regulations align with the principles of the Internet Way of Networking, and the visions for a sustainable growth and development of the Internet.

We hope that our work, through the findings and recommendations that would emerge from these Research Projects would help to inform and catalyze evidence-based advocacy efforts in these jurisdictions. Also, that through open consultations with national government agencies and law makers via our global Open Internet Advocacy Network, progressive transformations towards an "open, trusted, [and] non-manipulable Internet" could be birthed in these jurisdictions.

You may sign up to our Mailing List to keep up with the progress and publications of this Research Project; and do reach out to us via any of our Channels to let us know how you might be willing to collaborate with us on this and related Projects.