Thursday, September 12, 2019

Call to Action!

In the modern digital era, it has become pertinent for every responsible netizen to understand how the actions, inactions, and reactions of Governments to issues of Internet Governance continue to impact on Internet growth and development; while also being able to speak knowledgeably, freely, openly, and objectively, about how the ways in which Governments execute their stakeholder roles can affect freedom, rights, progress, and development of the Internet, citizens, businesses, and general economic life, both within and beyond their borders.

This is a Call to Action seeking knowledgeable contributors for a Position Research Paper that aims to elucidate and unpack the crucial discourse that pertains to the role of Governments in multi-stakeholder Internet Governance, Growth, and Development, through a multi-dimensional and multi-jurisdictional viewing lens. Thus, an invitation is being extended to researchers and experts in the broad areas of public policy, cyber / internet governance, technology management, IT administration, public administration, technology / cyber law, development studies, as well as other related fields, to collaborate on this Research Project titled:

Internet Governance, Growth, and Development: The Role of Government

Interested? Please complete the form at:
Deadline for completion is October 31, 2019.
Shortlisted contributors would be contacted with the research outline and other necessary information in November 2019.
Projected Research Publication Date: February 29, 2020.